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Lion King

Baked Salmon with Creamy and Unagi Sauces over Crab and Avocado Roll

Unagi Hand Roll

Unagi with Avocado, Cucumber, Unagi Sauce

Spicy Scallop Hand Roll

Spicy Scallop, Spicy Mayo, Masago, Chili Sauce spicy_vege

Unagi Lover

Whole Unagi, Crabmeat, Avocado


Unagi over Soft Shell Crab, Crabmeat, Avocado, Macadamia Nuts, Green Onion, Unagi Sauce Masago

Crazy Horse

Salmon, Ebi, Tuna, Avocado Roll


Spicy Tuna, Crunchy Asparagus, Unagi, Avocado, Macadamia Nuts spicy_vege

Spicy Garlic Salmon

Salmon, Cucumber with Garlic and Chili Sauces spicy_vege

Hamachi Village

Hamachi Lover, plus 3 Pieces of Hamachi Sashimi, 2 pieces of Hamachi Nigiri


Avocado, Spicy Tuna, Jalapeño, Tempura Flakes, Paprika w Spicy Mayo and Unagi Sauce spicy_vege


Unagi & Cucumber Roll, Avocado on top, with Unagi Sauce and Sesame Seeds

Creamy Macadamia 2

Salmon&Avocado over Shrimp Tempura, Cream Cheese, Macadamia Nuts

Salmon Village

Salmon Lover plus 3 Pieces of Salmon Sashimi, 2 pieces of Salmon Nigiri


Deep Fried Salmon, Tuna, Hamachi, Avocado, Crabmeat, Green Onion, Spicy Mayo, Masago


[Soft Shell Crab, Crab-meat, Avocado] Unagi, Macadamia nuts, G. Onion, Tobiko


[Spicy Tuna, Crunchy Asparagus] Unagi, Avocado, Macadamia nuts.

Unagi Lover

[Crab-meat, Avocado] Whole Unagi.

Blazing Lion King

Baked Crab with Creamy and Unagi Sauces w Masago* over Spicy Crab and Avocado Roll spicy_vege

Yammy Yammy

Crab Meat and Deep Fried Shrimp roll Avocado, Cucumber and Cream Cheese roll topped with Masago* and Unagi Sauce


Crab Meat and Deep Fried Shrimp roll topped with Shrimp, Avocado, Unagi Sauce and House Mustard Sauce

Vegie Tempura Roll

[veggie tempura] Crispy Vegetable Tempura

Vegie Spring Roll

[spring mix, gobo, avocado, cucumber] rice wrap

Vegie Lover Roll

[avocado, gobo, cucumber,oshinko] wakame,soywrap

Union Square

Deep Fried Shrimp and Deep Fried Asparagus Crab Meat Roll, and Masago


Deep Fried Shrimp, Avocado and Cucumber roll topped with Tuna, Salmon, Spicy Crab, w Unagi Sauce and Masago spicy_vege

Terius Roll

Deep Fried Shrimp, Spicy Tuna, Cucumber and Cream Cheese roll topped with Tuna, Salmon, Lemon, Unagi Sauce and Garlic Sauce spicy_vege

Tempura Roll

Tempura Shrimp, Avo, Cucumber

Sweety Sweet

Deep Fried Shrimp and Cream Cheese roll topped with Crab Meat, Salmon and Mango w Sweet and Unagi Sauces

Super Spider

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab, Spicy Tuna, Avocado, Cucumber and Gobo roll topped with Tuna, Salmon, Spicy Mayo Unagi Sauce w Green Onion and Masago spicy_vege

Super Dragon

Deep Fried Shrimp, Cucumber and Avocado roll topped with Unagi, Spicy Tuna, Green Onion, Masago, Spicy Mayo and Unagi Sauce

Super California

California Roll topped with Unagi, Sesame Seeds and Unagi Sauce